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NEW: Totality

“Totality” Oil on Canvas 30w x 15h.

This painting represents the Total Solar Eclipse and its symbolism from great antiquity as the union of Father and Mother in the seventh seal. The Father, Pater, or Spirit has long been represented by the sun. Here he is covered by Mother, Mater, or Matter. So golden light of the sun is reflected on her face and the dirt of the earth is ground into the creases of his skin.

The ORIGINAL Oil on Canvas and prints are available.

The Ascension

“The Ascension” 48w x 60h Oil on Canvas

The painting contemplates Christ’s ascension to the Father’s throne through the seven seals of John the Apostle’s Gospel and the Book of Revelation. Signed and limited editions are available:

To learn more about my beliefs regarding the subject matter of this painting, please read my article that was published in Square 2: TERRESTRIAL LOST AND FOUND, Anticipating Further Light and Knowledge on Ordinances with Administration by Women Bearing the Highest Order of the Melchizedek Priesthood by Kamron Coleman (


Kamron welcomes commissions. If you are interested in commissioning an original work of art, please use the contact form. Below are just a few examples of commissioned works.

Hair 2019
“Hair” Commission: Enlightened Theatrics
Steampunk 2019
“Steampunk Tree of Life Orchestra” Private Commission
George 2019 3 to 5 rat
“Washington, Old Nelson, and Providence” Private Commission
Sweeney Todd Dec 2019 286 w
“Sweeney Todd” Commission: Enlightened Theatrics
Sweeney Todd 2019 277 w
“Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” Commission: Enlightened Theatrics

Lake Chelan by Kamron Coleman 30x10
“Lake Chelan”  Private Comission

Rocky Horror 2019“Rocky Horror Show” Commission: Enlightened Theatrics

1580686033117_Plaid Tidings 2020 w
“Plaid Tidings” Commission: Enlightened Theatrics