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NEW: In the Fray

This painting has layer upon layer of thick paint. Mud, dirt, and dust fly up while a mist enshrouds the horses and their jockeys. It wasn’t done until it conveyed a kind of competitive violence and turbulent action. The title suggests untethered contention, but the fraying spreads from a common cord, leaving an overall impression that says, “E Pluribus Unum.”

In the Fray by Kamron Coleman 45x27 FINAL ORIGINAL Under 25MB
“In the Fray” Oil on canvas 60w x 36h. Original and Editions available here

NEW: The Baptist

“Why have you come out to the countryside? To see a reed shaken by the wind?”

John the Baptist has stirred my imagination for many years. In Luke’s descriptions of him we find clues that point to what some call, “Temple Theology.” These teachings date to the First Century Christian church and several centuries and millennia prior, throughout times and civilizations, all the way to the most ancient religious teachings on our planet. These religious doctrines of antiquity teach of a pre-mortal Heavenly Council comprised of male and female deities whose priesthoods combined to generate life on earth, and, I believe, our salvation by the Atonement of Jesus Christ. According to my reading of scripture, John was one of Them. (Read on below.)

The Baptist by Kamron Coleman 20x24
“The Baptist” Oil on Panel 20w x 24h. Original is SOLD. Reproductions are available here

I see many clues throughout the New Testament that point to the incarnation of this Council in the souls that orbited Jesus of Nazareth while he sojourned on earth. Namely, John’s mother, Elizabeth, and very significantly, Christ’s mother, Mary, as well as Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany. I see ample evidence that First Century Christians, especially Christ himself, instituted a male priesthood of the ecclesiastical church that operated alongside a feminine priesthood that possessed keys of creation and resurrection, and in the union of these keys Christ fulfilled his great work of reconciliation of the human to the divine. To say that this is controversial is an understatement. I understand that. It is, nevertheless, what I believe. Most of my religious artwork both hides, and reveals, these themes. Watch in coming months for a new painting of John’s mother, Elizabeth, a sacred Lady.

In Progress: Derby Day

The ORIGINAL “Derby Day” oil on canvas painting, as well as Editions, are available here.

18 x 12 posters are available here.


Derby Drawing w
Pencil drawing on canvas 60w x 36h
Washes and a little palette knife work
Closeup of oil paint texture in progress
More progress in the studio.
Derby Day Under 5MB CC11
“Derby Day” Finished

Temple Theology

The Baptist by Kamron Coleman 20x24

“The Baptist” Oil on Panel 20w x 24h. Visit store.

Seal of the Patriarch w
“The Seal of the Patriarchs (Mari Cylinder 2,200 BCE)” Oil on Canvas 60w x 36h, 2020 Visit Store
Egyptian Judgement w
“The Egyptian Judgment (Book of Joseph)” Oil on Canvas 60w x 36h, 2020 Visit Store
The Comforter 2019 w
“The Comforter” Oil on Canvas 36w x 60h, 2019 Visit Store
Anointing 2019 w
“The Anointing” Oil on Canvas 36w x 60h, 2019 Visit Store



Kamron welcomes commissions. If you are interested in commissioning an original work of art, please use the contact form. Below are just a few examples of commissioned works.

Hair 2019
“Hair” Commission: Enlightened Theatrics
Steampunk 2019
“Steampunk Tree of Life Orchestra” Private Commission
George 2019 3 to 5 rat
“Washington, Old Nelson, and Providence” Private Commission
Sweeney Todd Dec 2019 286 w
“Sweeney Todd” Commission: Enlightened Theatrics
Sweeney Todd 2019 277 w
“Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” Commission: Enlightened Theatrics

Lake Chelan by Kamron Coleman 30x10
“Lake Chelan”  Private Comission

Rocky Horror 2019“Rocky Horror Show” Commission: Enlightened Theatrics

1580686033117_Plaid Tidings 2020 w
“Plaid Tidings” Commission: Enlightened Theatrics