Paintings: Spray Paint on Board


A few years ago I discovered that an incredible chemical potential was hidden in spray paint rattle-cans, and then I bought cans by the shopping cart- and basket-full. The process is all about layers building and acting on the one before to produce uncontrolled but semi-deliberate organic patterns, that I then coerce into an ethereal kind of scene.

Archival quality, custom-sized, artist signed prints are available for all paintings and sculptures on this site. Original works are also for sale. Please contact Kamron for details and to place orders.

Orchestra Harp 70Wx 36H
Symphony Harpist, 2016, 70W x 36H, (Not for sale, Prints available.) Inspired by Bethany Evans, Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Salem Symphony Orchestra
Violist, 2016, 36W x 48H
Figures in a Bonfire 2014 56W x 39H cropped
Figures in a Bonfire, 2014, 56W x 39H
Bath 2015 12W x 12H
Bath, 2015, 12W x 12W
Poncho 2015 55W x 48H
Poncho, 2015, 55W x 48H
Rock N Roll In Blue, 2014 30 W x 41H
Rock N Roll In Blue, 2014, 30W x 41H
Flight II 2015 12W x 12H
Flight II, 2015, 12W x 12H
All Is Well 2015 60W x 40H
All Is Well, 2015, 60W x 40H SOLD (Prints available)
Blanket 2015 12W x 12H
Blanket, 2015, 12W x 12H
Sisters, 2015, 12W x 12H
Flight 2015 12W x 12H
Flight, 2015, 12W x 12H
Union Station 2015 60W x 40H
Union Station, 2015, 60W x 40H SOLD (Prints available)
Precarius IV 2015 12W x 12H
Precarius IV, 2015, 12W x 12H
Gearer 2015 36W x 48H
Gearer, 2015, 36W x 48H
Carting Harp, 2016, 60W x 40H
Get Thee Hence I 2015 36W x 48H
Get Thee Hence, 2015, 36W x 48H
Her New Wings 2015 60W x 40H
Her New Wings, 2015, 60W x 40H
Icarus, 2015 40W x 60H
Icarus, 2015 36W x 48H SOLD (Prints available)
Icarus II 2015 60W x 40H
Icarus II, 2015, 60W x 40H
Percussionists, 2016, 48W x 36H
Scattering Legion, 2015, 60W x 40H
Gearer II 2015 12W x 12H
Gearer II, 2015, 12W x 12H
Jumper 2015 36W x 48H
Jumper, 2015, 36H x 48H
Kiss 2015 12W x 12H
Kiss, 2015, 12W x 12H
Lonely 2015 12W x 12H
Lonely, 2015, 12W x 12H
Ministering 2015 60W x40H
Ministering, 2015, 60W x 40H SOLD (Prints available)
Nautilus 2015 12Wx 12H
Nautilus, 2015, 12W x 12H
Precarius II 2015 36W x 48H
Precarius II, 2015, 36W x 48H SOLD (Prints avaavaila
Precarius III 2015 60W x 40H
Precarius III, 2015, 60W x 40H
Resurrection 2015 60W x 40H
Resurrection, 2015, 60W x 40H
Daedalus 2015 36W x 48H
Daedalus, 2015, 36W x 48H SOLD (Prints available)
Tunnel Vision, 2014, 128W x 24H (Not for sale, Prints available)
Surveyor 2015 12W x 12H
Surveyor, 2015, 12W x 12H

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