Paintings: Spray Paint on Board


A few years ago I discovered that an incredible chemical potential was hidden in spray paint rattle-cans, and then I bought cans by the shopping cart- and basket-full. The process is all about layers building and acting on the one before to produce uncontrolled but semi-deliberate organic patterns, that I then coerce into an ethereal kind of scene.

Archival quality prints of some of these works are available. Select original works are also for sale. Please visit the store, . If you would like to purchase an original and you do not see it in the store, please feel free to inquire the studio:

Orchestra Harp 70Wx 36H
Symphony Harpist, 2016, 70W x 36H, (Not for sale, Prints available.) Inspired by Bethany Evans, Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Salem Symphony Orchestra
Spray paint symphony 1 2019
Spray Paint Symphony 1, 2019, 60w x 20h
Violist, 2016, 36W x 48H
Figures in a Bonfire 2014 56W x 39H cropped
Figures in a Bonfire, 2014, 56W x 39H



Bath 2015 12W x 12H
Bath, 2015, 12W x 12W
Poncho 2015 55W x 48H
Poncho, 2015, 55W x 48H
Rock N Roll In Blue, 2014 30 W x 41H
Rock N Roll In Blue, 2014, 30W x 41H
Flight II 2015 12W x 12H
Flight II, 2015, 12W x 12H
All Is Well 2015 60W x 40H
All Is Well, 2015, 60W x 40H SOLD (Prints available)
Blanket 2015 12W x 12H
Blanket, 2015, 12W x 12H
Sisters, 2015, 12W x 12H
Flight 2015 12W x 12H
Flight, 2015, 12W x 12H
Union Station 2015 60W x 40H
Union Station, 2015, 60W x 40H SOLD (Prints available)
Precarius IV 2015 12W x 12H
Precarius IV, 2015, 12W x 12H
Gearer 2015 36W x 48H
Gearer, 2015, 36W x 48H
Carting Harp, 2016, 60W x 40H
Get Thee Hence I 2015 36W x 48H
Get Thee Hence, 2015, 36W x 48H
Her New Wings 2015 60W x 40H
Her New Wings, 2015, 60W x 40H
Icarus, 2015 40W x 60H
Icarus, 2015 36W x 48H SOLD (Prints available)
Icarus II 2015 60W x 40H
Icarus II, 2015, 60W x 40H
Percussionists, 2016, 48W x 36H
Scattering Legion, 2015, 60W x 40H
Gearer II 2015 12W x 12H
Gearer II, 2015, 12W x 12H
Jumper 2015 36W x 48H
Leap, 2015, 36H x 48H
Kiss 2015 12W x 12H
Kiss, 2015, 12W x 12H
Lonely 2015 12W x 12H
Lonely, 2015, 12W x 12H
Ministering 2015 60W x40H
Ministering, 2015, 60W x 40H SOLD (Prints available)
Nautilus 2015 12Wx 12H
Nautilus, 2015, 12W x 12H
Precarius II 2015 36W x 48H
Precarius II, 2015, 36W x 48H SOLD (Prints avaavaila
Precarius III 2015 60W x 40H
Precarius III, 2015, 60W x 40H
Resurrection 2015 60W x 40H
Resurrection, 2015, 60W x 40H
Daedalus 2015 36W x 48H
Daedalus, 2015, 36W x 48H SOLD (Prints available)
Tunnel Vision, 2014, 128W x 24H (Not for sale, Prints available)
Surveyor 2015 12W x 12H
Surveyor, 2015, 12W x 12H

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